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paola pastore - revolution
(R)evolution, Shadow Series
Reverse Collage, Paper on Paper, 12 " x 12 ", 2007

The work is a collection of 10 white and 10 black pieces 11.5 inches square, each embossed with the artist's seal and contained between two sheets of Plexiglas held in place and floated off the wall with portfolio bolts.

Paola Pastore is originally from Rome, Italy and she has lived across three continents. She spent the last 16 years in Michigan where she earned a BFA from Western Michigan University and pursued art as a designer and fine artist. Her work has been exhibited at Western Michigan University, The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, and the Kingscott Gallery.

See more of Pastore's work on her website.

Paola Pastore
Cut Shadows, Transparency + Reverse Collage
Reception Saturday July 14th, 2007 from 2-5pm
Exhibit through August 18th, 2007

In light and darkness existence is revealed. This series of works cut into paper, floated in colour and light, explores the power of memory and perception.

The display method is part of the artwork as it allows for the light to traverse it from all directions.

Black and White absorb and reflect much in the way that we interact with all that we encounter, and point out to extremes.
The colour spectrum brings a midground, which is immediately perceivable and can be demonstrated in the medium grey resulting from mixing of all spectrum hues.

While the works hold a particular meaning to the artist, the intention is not to reveal. Meaning is transferred without need
for explanation. The perspective of the artist remains different from that of the viewer. As the creator of a microcosm she is completely aware of the particular assemblage of signs and symbols, where the viewer will only respond to parts of it.

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