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Alta Galleria carries fine art, paintings, and sculpture. The gallery features rotating shows of artists, many that are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, others from as far away as China.

We are located at P.O. Box 5540, Berkeley 94705.

"After collecting art for 40 years, I decided it would be nice to share my collection with others who enjoy contemporary art. Most of the collection consists of paintings by artists I have met in California.

"As far as provenance, my collection consists mostly of art I have purchased from the artists directly. The other pieces are from galleries, auctions, or estate sales."

- Alta, 2006

Paintings by Changming Meng (above and below). These interior images are from our original gallery location in the Elmwood district of Berkeley; we have since moved to 2000 4th Street in Berkeley.

For info contact

P.O. Box 5540, Berkeley 94705
(510) 414 - 4485

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