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clown as birdy
Birdy as Clown
Mixed media, 4.5" x 4.5" x 3.5", 2006

On view at Alta Galleria will be Lexa Walsh's small sculptural work- Seductive Objects. She works as collector, archivist, archaeologist, historian and voyeur. Methods of pseudo-anthropology are essential to the work. She manipulates lost, forgotten or discarded clothing, toys and artifacts as well as mass-produced, often 'feminine' items with obsessive processes of cutting, wax-dipping, sorting, bundling, packaging and sewing. The resulting fetishes are both abject and seductive. Many of her materials act as residue and artifact revealing what one has worn, used and washed, much like garbage proves what one has consumed. Alluding to narratives and memories (personal, collective and unfamiliar), the work navigates a space between nostalgia and invention.

Lexa Walsh is a multi-genre artist. She has lived, worked and shown extensively in Europe, Asia, and the Bay Area. She recently returned from a four-month residency at Kio-A-Thau Artist Village in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Her range of visual work, from very public, community-based projects (The Immortalization Project), to Cultural (mis)Interpretations in the form of installation, to intimate small sculpture, is supplemented and informed by her performance work and experimental music projects. She is a founding member of the all women, all toy instrument group Toychestra, and the Czech-based all women a cappella group Kackala, with whom she will tour throughout Europe this June.

"Pink Designer Bed," Photograph
"Nomadic Bed Roll," Photograph

Lexa Walsh
Seductive Objects: Small Sculpture
Reception Saturday April 21st, 2007 from 3-5pm
Exhibit through June 2nd, 2007

Visit her site at or email her at

dolly as bear
Dolly as Bear with Meat Tenderizer
Mixed media, 6.75" x 6" x 3.5", 2006

seductive objects
Seductive Objects
Beeswax, doll clothes, dimensions variable, 2002

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